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I have Been in the Sales Industry for 13 years now.
I got my PRC License on year 2012.

The quality of service evolves with time.

Service with a heart always have a silver lining.

So, with a decade of experience as a Real Estate Broker, I ensure that the best solution is tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

You can be assured that I will provide honest opinions on how you can get the maximum result and most desirable solution, including critical information on how to improve and stage your property if necessary to make it desirable, leasable and sellable.

Other services below: Related to Real Estate.
Aside from BUY, SEL, LEASE management are the following:

Estate Tax
MRI (Mortgage Redemption Insurance)
Business Insurance.

Cabinets and Modulars

I can be your "One Stop Shop Bridge". Through me you will be served better.

Other Investment baskets for Weath Building:

Variable Universal Link (under Insurance)
Mutual Funds through Rampver Financials: (Soldivo, FAMI, PhilEquity, ATRAM etc) Stock Trading (My Trade).

Because I just don't sell. I provide positive solution to serve you with utmost care.